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News Archive

Be a good sport
Had a recent sports injury and are feeling a bit down in the dumps? Have a look at these sports injury and therapy flyers and cheer yourself up.

Street Life
Seen someone out and about you fancy but were too shy to do anything about it? Worry not, these dating app posters might just have your love life sorted.

Tats out for the boys
Had enough of terrible irremoveable tattoos covering your body? Why not go for temporary ones instead? Look at these gorgeous spray on tattoo leaflets we've just designed.

Need a Hand?
Useless types and the elderly - these are for you - handymen flyers Get your menial tasks completed without breaking into a sweat.

Get your Swank On
Girls, fancy some new clobber but are in the red? These branded fashion flyers for Sharp 'n' Swanky are just the ticket.

Shiny white goods
Oven fans, take a look at these eco oven cleaning flyers we're sure you'll think they're pretty hot and cookin'

have a reach around
Fed up with dirty windows and guttering? Check out these window cleaning leaflets and prepare to be dazzled.

Squashed Tomatoes
Mad for it types are invited to check out these festival and event tour folded leaflets on behalf of Willow Travel. What goes on tour stays on tour.

Skake it off
Chocaholics might want to ready themselves for these chocolate milkshake posters we've recently designed. These certainly look sweet as a (fruit and) nut to us!

Utter Pollocks
Don't know your Coley from your Cod fillets, then you need to take a look at these fishmonger trifold leaflets we've just designed. Nothing fishy about them, no sir.

It takes allsorts
Britains got talent they say... Really? No, not really but what we do have in spades is really good dancers just check out these Variety show posters for GDND Academy and tell us they aren't something special indeed.

Black Power
Alright brothers and sisters lets hear it for these black history month celebration posters Respect.

Tip-top Hip-hop
Breakdance, Breakdance, let your body do the talkin... and let your eyes (body) pop to these Hip Hop dance class posters for our friends at Hip-Hop Academy. Rock on Tommy

Sleepy Time
Having trouble getting some shut eye? Fear not insomniacs these Mattress trifold leaflets will have you dozing off in no time!

Interior Inspection
Feely chilly? then warm your hearts by looking at these interior decoration folded leaflets for our chums at Chalet Interiors.

Ace in the hole
Looking for a quality trade service that won't deal you a bum hand? check out these tricksy folded property maintenance leaflets for Ace proprty services. You'll feel like a winner, hands down.

Proud Display
Anyone looking to best show off their property with minimum effort needs to take a look at these cleaning services leaflets on behalf of Peacock Cleaning Services - a colourful display indeed

Ochaye the Nu
Disapointed in your grubby carpets and muck encrusted oven? JustLikeNu may have the solution - check out their oven and carpet cleaning leaflets for a chance for them to shine like new

Getting Jiggy with it
Got a restless toddler or pre-schooler? Get them to pay jiggy Wrigglers a visit - preview their toddler music and movement leaflets and get down to it

Go big or go home
Planning a big birthday bash for yourself or a mate? Take a look at these birthday bash flyers to see how to do it in style

Totally leathered
Fashionable and hard wearing clobber are hard to find so take a peak at these leather hats and bags flyers from our friends at Wombat Leather

Droning on
Fancy seeing things from a heightened perspective? - these drone services leaflets will certainly give you an uplifting buzz (chortle)

Travel alert
Don't let global terrorism get the better of you - stay informed with these flight security leaflets and stay safe out there folks!

Alpha males
fashion and smoking go hand in hand - cool kids might want to check out these tshirt and vaping flyers for a look gauranteed to turn heads.

Wedded Bliss
Planning on getting married anytime soon? - take a look at these wedding entertainment leaflets which will take the stress out of the party planning...

A Gift for You
Lacking in time to shop for gifts for loved ones? Worry not, these ideal gift leaflets will give you some great ideas...

New Projects
Need a bigger house but too cash strapped to move? Check out these home renovation flyers we've just constructed...

Herbal High
You'll certainly be lifted in spirits by these medicinal herbalist trifold leaflets for Paul Bingham herbalist...

Three Cheers for Us
Something to cheer up the most miserable grumps are these bubbly cheerleading school flyers - pom poms at the ready girls...

It began in Africa
Looking for hair care and braiding service? We've got just the answer - these mobile hairstyling flyers will give you some inspiration...

Hey Good Looking...
...what you got cooking? Well, we've been cooking up these delightful opticians leaflets which are well worth a look...

Lets get physical
Sporting injury or back pain? Take a look at these sports injury flyers for Now physio and soothe your agony...

Night Fever
Time to put your white flares on and dust off your hairy chest wigs as it's disco central here at Flyer Designers at the moment, take a peek at these mobile disco flyers and get on the good foot...

Work it out
Anyone looking for a bit of discipline to achieve a great looking body needs to take a look at these personal fitness flyers we've recently designed, they're well fit...

Monumental Design
Some more school nursery leaflets - this time for New Monument Primary Academy - rather nice looking we think...

White Lines
Cocaine as we all know can devastate lives which is why we're happy to help out by designing these drug awareness posters that will hopefully make young people think twice before racking up a fat one...

Fun Food
Bored of the usual school packed lunches and miserable school dinners? Then good news kids, these school dinner delivery leaflets should cheer you up...

Bake Off
Baking cakes has never been more popular - take a look at these baked goods leaflets we've designed - they're absolutely mouth watering!

Getting High...
...high in reference to a high rise party that is, just look at these exclusive venue club flyers they're head and shoulders above the rest!

Making memories
Anyone with a failing memory might well be interested in these DVD photo memories flyers we've just designed - now what were we talking about again? No it's gone...

Furry Friends
Cats and Dogs lovers - check out these pet vaccination leaflets they'll leave you purring for more...

Loose Booty
Fans of shaking rumps are in for a treat! Just take a peak at these carnival club flyers, we've just polished off!

Heaven Sent
We're proud to let everyone know about these pre-school nursery leaflets we've designed for Little Saints Nursery - they're divine...

But is it Art?
indeed it is - Fine art that is, and if you're looking to invest in a painting or two give these art gallery flyers a look over...

Bright Smiles
lose those coffee stained choppers for good - How? Take a look at these laser teeth whitening leaflets and get 'enlightened'...

Cleaning Up
How's your Dyson looking? A bit past it's best? Check out these Dyson Servicing flyers then - you might want to give them a call...

Village Hillage
Some sunny village fete leaflets we've just created to celebrate Killmersdon Village day - famous for the Jack and Jill hill...

Into Interiors?
Who isn't into a bit of interior exploration these days? We certainly are at any rate - if you fancy nosing around these interior design flyers please, be our guest...

Crafty Devils...
...that's how we're known among the flyer designing community - renowned as we are for crafting creative flyer magic for all our customers and so it goes again for these craft party leaflets we've just crafted by our our own fair hands for your perusing pleasure...

Femme Football
Kings Langley are on the hunt for some fresh female footy talent - for more fun-filled facts, figures and football foolishness check out the football club flyers here.

Jump to it
It's party time here at flyer designers and as a special treat we want to present to you these bouncy castle party flyers just for you... no need to thanks us - really, there's no need.

Fit for purpose...
...are what these fitness training flyers are and no mistake, in fact we'd go as far as to say they're fit for a king!

Home is where the heart is
Multiple house owners, you may want to check out these estate agent leaflets for JJ Homes - they promise to take care of your property so you can concentrate on leisure pursuits.

Anyone for Tennis?
Yeah, we're up for a game having just finished off these tennis coaching leaflets, which if we do say so ourselves are pretty ace... badumm tsssh

Making Contact
These electrical contractor flyers we've just designed for Powcom are electrifying. You can be sure they'll spark quite an interest... guffaw

Springtime Showstoppers
Songs from the musicals to stop them in their tracks is the order of the day for these male choir concert flyers for Bath Male Choir.

Fancy a tipple?
We only ask as we've just produced some members loyalty cards for Cocktail bar House of Tippler - the drinks are on us!

Getting the Horn
Hornstars SC is a community football squad keeping youngsters on the right path - take a look at the kids football team flyers we've just designed...

Safety in numbers
We've just designed 2 dynamic self defence posters for H2H Defence, come and take a look if you think you're hard enough!

Good Guys
Medical folded leaflets don't come any more fine than this example for Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust...

Back to your roots
Gardening flyers r us, such is our prominance in this 'growing' market (pun sadly intended) check out the look of this garden maintenance flyer for Grass Roots Gardening for some green inspiration...

Good Gracious
Anyone in need of a visual pampering could do worse than to check out these mobile beautician flyers we've just created...

Musical Double bill
Not one but two West end musical productions appear on these musical workshop flyers we've just put together - Mamma Mia and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory no less...

Chill Out
Look at these 'cool' Frozen musical flyers we've just designed - they're really 'ice it's snow joke (double groan).

Ballet good show
Twinkle toed ballerinas pay attention - these ballet school flyers will have you pirouetting and Pliéing in no time...

Disco Delight
Hey kids, everyone loves a disco and a festival right? Lets put them together and what do you get? Discofest that's what! check out the groovy festival flyers here...

Gardeners Question Time
The question being - who wants to take a look at these delightful gardening flyers we've just designed? Don't all rush at once or the website might go down...

Perfumed Garden
Need to earn a residual income selling fragrancies and perfume to friends and family? Don't we all? Here's some perfume flyers that might give you some money making ideas...

Hey Good Looking...
Fancy dress party on the horizon? Check these fancy dress costume flyers for Fancy Me they're sure to inspire some fancy ideas...

Slim Pickings
Overdone things lately in the food intake department? Don't let that spare tyre around your middle get the better of you - take a look at these diet plan flyers we've just designed and think yourself thin!

Fancy Finance
Worried about unsecured debt and the threat of some gorilla coming round to seize you by the assets? We think you need to have a look at these debt management leaflets pronto...

Panel Show
Anyone looking for some chillin' leaflets should check out these refridgeration leaflets we've just produced for ECS Panels

House Hunting
Moving job and location can be stressful so Dynamic Property Search have come up with a solution to benefit those wanting to move close to work - check out the property letting flyers we created for them.

The DAWN of time
Hospitals and health authorities pay attention - these medical software leaflets for 4SDAWN could save you considerable man hours and expense

Disco Date
The wedding season is firmly underway and if you haven't yet sorted out the entertainment for your big day then you'd better have a quick look at these wedding disco flyers put together for Dave Dee Discos and get with the groove.

Transfer Market
Workwear - in our opinion it should always be neat and tidy and branded whenever appropriate, so thank goodness for DPT online who offer vinyl transfer printing and customised workwear - see the workwear folded leaflets we designed for them here.

A Good Leathering
If leather hats and boots are your thing then you are most certainly going to want to take a peak at these leather goods leaflets prepared for our friends at Wombat Leather.

Always Learning
You're never too old to learn new skills but its equally important to learn while you're young and have a sponge like brain rather than a pickled walnut up top. Check out these maths and science tuition flyers for Coventry Tuition and get a competitive advantage over your fellow pupils.

Fancy Fencing
Fed up with neighbours poking their unwanted heads over into your garden? Then you need to check out County Fencing's Fencing and Garden furniture flyers we've just had the pleasure of designing.

Youth Club
Hey kids - Not happy with how the government are leading the country? Then check out Compass Youth's political party campaign flyers to see what the alternative could be...

Cleaning Up
For those of us who find the thought of housework a chore too much, these house cleaning flyers might prove to be of immense benefit...

Wide Awake Club
Lengthy commute to work? Fed up with doing the school run? Can't wait to offload the kids in the morning? The kind folk at Bright eyes breakfast club may have the answer to your predicament...

Good Neighbours
It's festival season and just look at this village festival leaflet that the Banner Cross neighbourhood community have got planned...

Letting it all hang out
Tenants/Landlords, in fact anyone who might be interested in either renting or letting a property should take a look at these lettings agency leaflets we've just put together for Arcadia Lance

From small Acorns...
...grow big oak trees, whopping great things that can be chopped down and hand crafted into attractive properties, for the likes of you and me! for anyone in the market take a peek at these residential property flyers from Acorns Residential.

What's cooking sister?
Fresh gourmet food, that's what! Which can be delivered direct to any hungry folk out there. Check these food delivery flyers for Abigail's Kitchen we cooked up.

Cooking up a storm
Kitchen afficionados pay attention! these kitchenware flyers we've just produced for Abbiamo will have you in a culinary twist.

A-star is born
A dance star that is, in the form of these twinkling dance school flyers we've produced for A-star dance and fitness.

Little Phibbers
To kick off the new year Phibbers bar and Restaurant asked us to produce some bar and restaurant flyers backed with their coffee shop on the reverse both with new year special offers to boot!

Night Fever
Saturday Night Flavas is the brainchild of London's DJ Shadow - these Niteclub Flyers are the latest designs we've put together for the regular weekend event.

Paddy Pantsdown
Patrick's came to us looking for a handy pub events and fixtures flyer to list all the things going on at the pub in the run up to Christmas and new year.

Student Party
Bristol University Student Union needed some quick turnaround christmas party posters to stick up around the student union letting everyone know about the drink promotions and when the party is.

Rubbered Up
A1 Tyres came to us to produce some tyre supply and fit flyers to advertise the opening of their new premises. We were more than happy to help out.

Brilliant Finish
Truly Brilliant are a combined domestic cleaning and garden maintenance company, meaning you can get both the inside and outside of the house cleaned and made spick and span at the same time! We put these cleaning flyers together to show off their range of services.

Call the Experts
Fed up with the phone ringing all day only to find its only your mum/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend wanting to check up on you? Then field those pesky calls to Expert PA the call handling experts. Heres the telecoms leaflet design we produced on their behalf.

Access All Areas
Hands up who could do with some help cleaning the house? Well lazybones - listen up - Access Cleaners have just set up a new cleaning service. Take a look at the cleaning service flyers we put together for them.

Game For A Laugh
Gamgo is the UK's first online gaming marketplace and we were thrilled to be able to design these computer games flyers to help advertise the website.

Brazil is known for many things not least big bottomed carnival queens and of course football. Or Futsal as the game is known in the country. These football skills leaflets for Kent Football Academy were designed to advertise upcoming half term courses.

Stone Love
StoneGrill Express is a new service by Papa Sanchos to allow customers a fasttrack to getting their food when they log in to the restaurants system and book their lunchtime or evening meal. We produced these scrumptious A4 trifold restaurant menus for them.

The Boys To Entertain You
Dalton's School of Performing arts needed some dance school leaflets to promote their upcoming taster day where would be stars can come and shine and pushy parents can beam in the reflected glory.

Handle with Care
Check out this explosive example of a fireworks display poster we designed for Richmond Athletics Associations 10th Anniversary Fireworks Display.

Go Ahead and Jump
One thing that you'll never grow tired of is jumping on inflatable castles. These are the funtastic childrens party entertainment flyers we produced for Abbots inflatable castles.

Not so Grand Designs
Those looking to do up the house without spending an absolute fortune might like to take a look at these home improvement flyers we produced for Affordable House Designs.

Chill out Baby
New mothers looking to get out of the house and discuss the exciting things there bundles of joy get up to can come along to Bexley Baby Massages sing along groups and baby massage sessions. These mother and baby group leaflets might give you an idea of whats involved.

Cool Yule
For those who like to funk while they gobble down some turkey and mince pies, comes this Christmas menu flyer put together by the streetwise partisans of fresh 'n' funky catering.

Adore Again Or
Learn to love your wardrobe again, thats the message put forward by online Retro Clothes sellers Adore Again. We designed these retro clothes flyers in suitably chic style.

To The Manor Born
Here's one more example of some cheery pre-school nursery flyers we've designed for Manor Green Nursery.

Leap of Faith
With University fees set to eclipse the average mortgage in years to come, it's more important than ever to get your kids all clever an' that at an early age. Thank heavens then for Leap Education who provide extra curricular tuition at all school levels for a range of subjects. These are some of the education flyers we designed to promote their services.

A Fancy Piece of Work
Hands up who's been invited to a fancy dress party but can't think of anyrthing to go as? Us neither, but in case this does happen to you we strongly advise checking out these fancy dress flyers put together for online fancy dress store - This Shop Rocks!

I Have A Dream
Those of you out there looking for the perfect start to your marriage might want to peruse these lovely wedding planner flyers on behalf of Serena's Dream weddings.

Loving Spoonful
One positive to come out of the global recession is of people starting up businesses that might have once just been hobbies. These cupcake leaflets for online cupcake sellers The Loving Cupcake are one such example and lets not forget the legion of home cleaning businesses and learner drivers out there. We salute you.

Is it Christmas already?
Having only just packed away our swimming trunks and sandals for another year, it's come as quite a shock to have been asked to design D2D imports Christmas gift idea flyers to show off the range of hi tec gizmos and stocking fillers available online.

Get Smart
Stretched canvas photo prints are the perfect family gift and we were more than happy to put the designs in place for these canvas art print leaflets for Canvasmart.

Splash of Colour
For the third year running, flyer designers have been involved in designing festival flyers and posters for the organisers of Brixton Splash, the livliest free festival in South London.

Care Bear Bunch
Francesco Garden Care wanted some colourful leaflets to hand out, advertising their garden maintenance services. We designed these eye catching gardening flyers which should do the job nicely.

Lets be Having You
Hallam & Co letting agents needed some fast turnaround letting agency window posters to put up in their shops to bring in new landlords. We did the honours with our usual design flare.

Down Boy
Streetdancing afficionados are in for a treat. Get Dan'n'Dance are offering lessons in all forms of urban dance for all ages. These are the streetdancing flyers we designed to publicise the classes.

On the Buses
Anyone under 30 looking for a fun day out by coach should take a look at these coach excursion leaflets we produced for Scottish travel company BKL Excursions.

The Cricketers arms needed some last minute pub flyers to advertise their nightly events around the time of the nearby Wimborne Folk festival.

Baby Boom
Slumbering babies. Can you picture anything more cuter? Of course not, which is why we used a nice sleeping baby illustration on these baby music cd flyers for the people at Beautiful Baby Music.

Barbershop Quartet
E&S Barbers are the latest hairdressers to enjoy the full flyer designers short back and sides experience. Take a look at these barbershop leaflets we trimmed down to size.

Scrubs Up Nicely
Porcelain fans take note: There are all kinds of shiny bathroom displays to be seen on this bathroom showroom leaflet put together for Perrys Bathrooms.

One for the Road
Drinkers take note: a new off licence is offering a whole host of budget busting drinks promotions. Take a look at what's on offer on this drinks promotion leaflet we've designed for them. Bottoms up.

Full on Session
Just in time for Englands first game in the World Cup - this house music flyer design looking all the part in it's England kit will hopefully do a bit better than Rooney and Chums.

Plumb the Depths
Plumbers are one of those proffesions that are always going to need cost effective flyers designed. So we are always happy to put together quality designed plumbing flyers such as this one for JP Galvin.

Pearly Whites
Anyone who's longed for a shiny set of nashers maybe in luck in the form of a new product, ezwhite. We designed a dental information leaflet to be sent out with the teeth whitening agent.

Going Green
The Traffic Light Bash featuring drum and bass MC Wiley is the latest club flyer design we've added our creative juices to.

Holiday Help
Anyone heading off on holiday anytime soon should well take a look at this holiday essentials leaflet put together for D2D imports. You'll never know when that anti-shark repellant is going to come in useful.

High as a Kite
Kiteboarding is a sport seemingly tailormade for the windy Highlands. This kiteboarding flyer design for Scotland Kiteboarding sorts the men from the boys alright.

Joined Up Thinking
For all of the Joiners and Carpenters out there, this Joiner flyer design on behalf of Anthony Kay is a lesson in bespoke fitting design.

Peace in the Valley
Valley IT are our latest satisfied customers, taking proud ownership of some stunning IT leaflets designed by the consumate experts in IT flyer design. That's what I'm talking about Willis.

Dusk til Dawn
4S Dawn - a company who design medical software have asked flyer designers to design a set of medical folded a3 leaflets for their users, we said yes indeed and came up with the goods as usual.

Bouncy Bouncy
Xtreme Bounce are the people behind this drum and bass night. We created a new logo for the event and drum and bass flyers which have gone down a storm in the clubs.

Out of the Shadows
DJ Shadow and friends have just launched a new club night, here's the hip hop flyers we produced to promote the event.

The Eco has landed
Ecoscape have just received their luxurious eco landscaping gardening flyers - very nice they are too!

Flash Mob
Students in Kingston (that's Surrey not Jamaica) can start getting excited. A new club night which also promises the cheapest drinks promotions in town is about to start - check out the student club night flyers we've designed here.

Its a Kind of Magic
Hands up everyone who's dreamed of getting a perfectly spotless oven without the need to get elbow deep in chicken fat? That's pretty much everyone - hoorah then for Oven Magic a company who will come and work miracles in your kitchen. Here's a glimpse at the domestic cleaning services flyer design. Say goodbye grease and hello shiny white goods.

A little TLC...
Couldn't we all do with a little bit now and again? TLC that is... the company of which offers a range of electrical services tenderly applied no doubt. This is the electrical services flyer we helpfully assisted in designing on their behalf.

Smells Good
With Christmas just around the corner what better way of making an extra few quid than by flogging perfume to pressurised friends and family? For those curious to know more take a look at this fragrance marketing flyer design.

Raise your glass
Toast Promotions would like it be known that their launch night for RnB flava grooves is almost upon us. Check this Club night launch flyer to find out more details.

Going to Plan
It always pays heed to plan things very carefully with regards to financial investments. Or that's what they'll have you believe in any case. For those who like pictures or men in suits shaking hands this financial planning leaflet is for you.

Porky Pies
Phibbers bar wants the world to know about it's Thursday night student specials and what better way of letting everyone know than with some fetching student night flyers?

Make a Claim
Clear Claims offer no nonsense advice when it comes to personal accident compensation. So if you've had any nasty slip ups have a look at this accident claims leaflet and see if you can make a few bob thanks to your own clumsiness.

Student Fest
As if students don't have enough things to distract them from grafting, here comes the first all day Cardiff Student festival of which we put together the festival flyers and posters.

Rock steady Crew
For all you B-Boys and Fly girls north of the border, MA Dance crew are what you've been waiting for - take a look at these urban dance flyers yeaaaah bwoy.

Soul Power
Soul Alert want people involved in the holistic community to be able to come together via a dedicated social networking website. This holistic health flyer was designed to promote it.

Community Care
It's nice to feel part of the community and even better to feel fit, so what better way of combining things than with this community fitness flyer we've just fitnessed designing.

Good Health
NHS Benchmarking services are the latest lucky customers to come away with a wonderfully designed health services leaflet.

Blue Rich mountains
Blue Mountain Hotel in Austria, came to us to design some ski and snowboard flyers to promote their hotel.

Green about the gills
Going Green is something we all need to do and Go Green Electrical are concerned that we should all install a smoke alarm lest we should end up smoked like a kipper. Check out the smoke alarm flyers for yourself.

Twinkle, twinkle
Sparkle Entertainments are the people behind this Diwali festival flyer we've had the pleasure of designing.

Jazz Fusion
If you're looking for cutting edge design then Hair Fusion are the people to go to. We've just completed this hair styling flyer for them.

Get Away
Capital Removal are specialists in door to Door cargo services to the Phillipines. So if yo're off to warmer climes have a look at this removals leaflet before you go.

Festival Fans
It's nearly Edinburgh festival time once again and that means flyer designers overload. Heres a nice example of Edinburgh festival flyers we designed for Jimslips production of Lady Windermere's Fan.

Breathe Deeply
If you suffer from a partner snoring like a warthog, then help is at hand from Breathe & Sleep who produce nasal strips to aid sleep. Have a look here at the breathing aid flyers we put together for them.

Plumbing new depths
Anyone in London desperate for a plumber could do worse than call City Plumber whose plumbing services flyer we've just designed.

PC Plodding?
RS Computing came to us desperate to make their PC promotional packages leaflet look highly professional. we were happy to oblige.

Train to Gain
JGPT are a personal Training company and were very happy with this set of sports training flyers we designed for them.

Fight the Power
ServicePower the scheduling experts have returned to flyer designers to put together this latest business services leaflet.

Corsa we can
Any car buffs out there specifically Vauxhall Corsa lovers might want to gloat at these suave car flyers we've just produced.

A Walk in the Park
Always glad to do our bit for charity, we put together these charity event flyers on behalf of Cancer Research UK.

Bonny Babies
Stuck for a gift idea for a friends new baby? have a look at these baby gift flyers for some inspiration.

West End Girls
Any kids with a secret desire to slap on the greasepaint and tread the boards should check out these West End Musical Stage School Flyers and Posters we've just done.

Boat Party
Drinking and boats go hand in hand together so why not get yourself over to this boat party on the Thames. See the boat party flyers for more info.

Seasons in the Sun
Now spring is here, its time to get out your wellies and get cracking on the garden. Or alternatively hire the good people at Seasons gardening services to do it for you. Check out the colourful gardening flyer designs for yourself

The 3 Degrees
Or, 3rd Degree to be more accurate. Thats the name on the music festival flyers and posters we put together for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Festival.

Touchy Feely
A new interactive form of kiosk marketing has been introduced to hotels foyers around the country. We were the chaps who put together the marketing leaflets together to explain the system.

Green with Envy
The Green Lion in Rainham has now taken receipt of some lovely looking pub restaurant flyers courtesy of us. Lucky devils.

Retro Reggae
For those at a loose end who enjoy a broad spectrum of retro soul/reggae and rnb then have a look at these reggae flyers we've just done

home from Home
Anyone looking for cheap hostels around the world would be well advised to check out these hostel accommodation flyers we've just produced for online accommodation experts

Back in the Day
For those of us who look back fondly on the synapse frazzling early days of Acid House, our chums at Reminisence are promoting a trip down memory lane. We put our smiley t-shirts on, scoffed some microdots and put these old school rave flyers to work.

Chop Suey
All you beat-em-up fans in Geordie land are in for a treat! We've just finished the designs for Newcastle Tae Kwon-do flyers.

Housing Slump
Anyone looking to sell quick might be in luck - Sussex Quicksale are offering hard cash for your house! Be fast have a look at the property sales flyers before its too late.

Drive My Car
Looking for driving lessons? Come and see what's what with these driving school flyers put together on behalf of Drive2Day.

She Sells Sanctuary
Fakin' it! or Bakin' it!, that's the options given to you by Sanctuary Hair & Beauty. Fake Spray Tan or Sun bed tan? We couldn't possibly advise - see the beauty salon flyer design and make up your own minds.

Lay of the Land
For anyone to lazy to get out in the garden at this time of year, give our friends at D&K Landscapes a call or at least take a look at the landscape gardening flyer we've just done for them.

Bouncy Bouncy
Boing went Zebedee. And hopefully we put as much energy and impact into this day nursery flyer for zebedees day nursery.

Keep it Safe
Whenever we're feeling scared the reassuring presence of a cctv camera craning round to watch you makes things seem just that little bit better in the world. so we were more than happy to help design these safety installation flyers for the good people at securIT

Portrait Taken
This is our latest flyer for family friendly snappers portraitz. A stylish photographer flyer using their own great images.

Pink Bits
Pink is our favourite colour. You got a problem with that? So we were over the moon and cock a hoop to design this enticing chiropractic flyer using salmon pink

By royal appointment
That was the honour bequeathed upon us by Park Royal Commercial to perform the duty of A6 culinary flyer design under pain of death should we fail in our task.

Papa, Nicole?
No nothing to do with the Renault advert or whatever make of car it was. no, this is to promote Papa Sanchos a Stone grill restaurant and bar flyer that we have just put the finishing touches to.

Say it with flowers
Orchid landscapes were happy for us to take their name in vain and literally use a picture of an orchid to illustrate their services for this landscape gardening flyer.

Smiley Culture
Another stylish flyer for our friends at Natural Smiles Dental and health Spa. this time they wanted a wedding flyer to appeal to brides to be

Making Sweet music
Leonard Lowy are solicitors covering all aspects of music industry law, we were kind enough to take just the industry standard 15% commission to perform this minor miracle music business flyer for them

Pixie Power
For those of us who still believe in fairies, this domestic cleaning flyer design will surely have you wrinkling up your little elfin noses in glee.

Housey Housey
Following on from the previous unfunny lettings agency subtitle comes this rather delightful lettings agency flyer design for grosvenor estates

Digital Watch
Another cunning play on words, for this is indeed to make you aware or 'watch' if you will, our latest design for etech digital a digital switchover flyer, don't you know.

Make some Noize
Note noize spelt with a z in keeping it real text speak fashion which we can only hazard a guess is what the kids on the street use. Anyway heres our latest drum and bass flyer for Deranged.

Your good health
It must be something in the air but we seem to be gaining a growing reputation for being the people to come to for health and beauty flyers.

What a Performance
Not that were ones to make a song and dance about our unique flyer design service but we'd like to draw your attention to these automotive flyers for CPR performance that we've just waxed and polished to perfection.

House Rules
Anyone fortunate or unfortunate enough perhaps to own property and needs to find tenants north of the border could be interested in these property lettings management flyers we put together for Castlebrae lettings

I'm every woman...
It's all in me, doing it naturally, whooah, whoaah, whoaah... ah yes girl power, you go girlfriend etc. what are we talking about - female empowerment. Yes doing our bit for the fairer sex (we're not suggesting that they couldn't do it for themselves of course) we produced these lovely womens workshop leaflets for authentic woman.

Sadly not anything to do with monstrous psychadelic goons Iron Butterfly but a rather more delicate beauty spa treatments flyer design for Eden Beauty

It's all greek to me
For those of you who aren't savvy to the hottest Greek sounds coming out of Athens. London based DJ Funksy is putting on a greek themed club night and these club flyers give you the lowdown on what to expect. lots of plate smashing we hope.

Hard as Nails
Ever fancied having your nails painted in some wild and fanciful manner? If not why not? for those not convinced have a look at the health and beauty flyer we produced for this mobile nail technician.

Hot to trot
Anyone who's likely to get a bit sweaty palmed at the sight of some low res pixelated girls in various forms of lingerie would be well advised to not take a look at these club wear and exotic lingerie flyers we put together for online shop hot deals city.

Jobs for all
Anyone looking to earn a couple of quid mowing the lawn or walking the dog could do worse than check out these job recruitement flyers for online job finder Job Oasis

Fit to work
It seems every other flyer we're designing at the moment is for a fitness coach. These personal training flyers produced for procision fitness, are not too shabby looking.

Boiling Over
Anyone in need of a boiler service now autumn is here? How about a 20% off offer? Thought that would get you interested. Take a look at these boiler servicing flyers we produced for Boilerite.

Totally plastered
No we're not advocating getting spannered on a for pack of warm tennats super, in fact this is to advertise the smart new plastering business flyers we've just produced for ARL plastering. Have a look why don't you.

Lets get Physical
If you've let yourself go and want to be looking good this summer then take heed from these personal training flyers that we produced on behalf of elite physical.

The Ripple Effect
If theres one thing summer was invented for its binging on 2-4-1 cocktail deals at your local upmarket cocktail emporium. Thankfully as the sun has still not made up his mind to come out and play yet, we can avert our attention to producing some stylish cocktail bar and DJ flyers on behalf of the Ripple Cafe. Mojito's all round.

Working from Home
Having previously designed the box packaging for Easara's Home Office Suite, we were delighted to be given the job to produce some software promotion leaflet designs for the PC based appication. Following on in style from the original designs.

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