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GDND Academy - We Will Rise - Celebration of black history month - A4 leaflet and digital flyer

Back in the nineties, it wasn't uncommon on a night out to be carpet bombed with a deluge of flyers handed out by wide-eyed youngsters, keen for you to notice their club night or event. With armfuls of colourful flyers you could find out whats going down in the hood and make your plans accordingly. Those days seem a long way away now with the advent of smart phones with facebook and twitter updating your plans in real time. And while its true that the streets are cleaner come sunday morning and less trees have been pulped, something else has been lost in the process and thats the art of the flyer. However, we believe in the best of both worlds here at flyer designers which is why we designed these colourful A4 leaflets in celebration of black history month, which could be displayed around town in all their glory but equally we also created digital jpg versions so that the team at GDND could plaster them over the internet to get the word out to the yoof! Respect.

GDND Academy and motherland A4 leaflets


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