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Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust - IT services - 4 page A4 folded leaflet design

Integrated Service Line Reporting - what's that all about then - we hear you say? Well, anyone who's had any reason to visit an NHS Trust or hospital as we used to refer to them as, will have experience of the somewhat baffling process in which doctors and nurses potter around dropping off various leaflets into trays and then wandering away again leaving you waiting indefinitely while you try to work out if you're even in the right part of the hospital. Intergrated Service Line Reporting then, is an IT based system that will attempt to simply things and utilise the power of technology to make things faster and more smoother running. What could possibly go wrong? As you can see below, it was our job to explain all this graphically using flow diagrams and the ever handy stock imagery of some young doctors poring over some data on their laptops. We'd like to think we achieved the right result and have consistently maintained low waiting times for our design service since undertaking the project.

gus and st thomas nhs trust folded A3 leaflet


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