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Project Answer - Cocaine Abuse - A3 poster design and print

Cocaine runnnnnnin' aroun' my brain... so sang Jamaican reggae star Dillinger on his seventies dub hit "Cocaine in the brain'. Consumption of this innocuous white powder has remained fairly constant for the last few decades. It's image perhaps never more popular than during the seventies and eighties when pretty much every other rock and roll star would be having it blown up their bums by a roadie in order to continue marathon sex orgies. It must be remembered though that along with the dopamine highs their must inevitably come the crashing lows, with users noses crumbling before their eyes and their minds forever scarred with paranoid thoughts, not to mention the detrimental effects to the cardiovascular system.With this in mind we put together this disturbing image of a pretty young girl with her whole life ahead of her throwing it all away for another toot. Project Answer is a North Tyneside Drugs service and can help anyone in the region who may have got into problems with Cocaine and by that they don't mean where to score some from, rather how to tackle the addiction and knock on effects this evil drug can bring with it. If in doubt kids just say no...

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