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Abbiamo - Inspiring kitchenware and cookware - A5 leaflet design and print.

For anyone whose ever browsed Pinterest while counting down the clock at work you can't have helped noticing the ubundance of food related pics clogging up the arteries of the internet. If we're not browsing pics of food we're taking pics of it and uploading it to instagram - yes the world has gone stark raving mad hasn't it! But far be it from us to dampen everyones food obsessed fun - in fact let's do our bit to improve matters by displaying these beautiful cooking utensil and wonderful inspiring culinary implements flyers from the good people at Abbiamo. Featuring some lovely pics of oils and vinegars - foodporn in all it's finery! If by some quirk of fate you manage to get your mitts on one of the flyers you can save yourself 10% (or get a magnifying glass out and try and read the code in the pic below).

abbiamo a5 leafletsn


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